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Resources for Project Momentum

  • ADEL - Standards and Lessons search as well as more information on Project Momentum.  Standards have been broken down.

Tech Tools for Teachers Curipod is a resource for content creation and student interaction in the classroom.  Use the AI tool that creates content for you given the subject!  This is a great starting point and you can customize it after the structure is set.  It will automatically insert interactive structures into the lesson so that you don't have to think them up!
Common Lit is a paid service but they do have quite a few articles on there for free.  One great thing about those is that they are listed by lexile so that you can pick out things that address your students' reading levels.

There is a free version of this that you can use to design escape room type games that students can use for review or for lessons.  These are great interactive games.

Use Chat GPT for a variety of tasks.  Have it suggest a lesson plan for a particular standard or subject.  Have it rewrite an article at a particular reading level.  Submit the transcript of a youtube video and have it write you worksheet questions you can use for the video.  The possibilities are endless!
MyViewboard is the online resource that you log in to in order to get the online tools for your viewsonic board.  You already have an account if you are a teacher.  Use your email address to sign in.

Resources for Using Office 365 with Students!

Resources used during the presentation:

Other Resources for using Office 365 with students.

Advanced Users

Resources for Flow and Focus in the Classroom

Resources for Classroom Strategies for Engagement and Interaction

ACT Resources

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Professional Development Resources from 23-24 Pre-Service Training

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