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WUSD RFP/IFBs - Vendors Information
General Information - Key Forms
If you are interested in responding in one of our bids, it is critical that you include these following forms in this pursuit.

Vendor Registration / Information (.pdf) — This form is needed in order to register your firm for solicitation opportunities. Firms shall include the specific commodity categories that apply to their business.

Commodity Codes / Catagories (.pdf) — This is the complement document to the above form and details all of the various commodities that have been traditionally procured.

W-9 Form (.pdf) — This form is required from all firms prior to the issuance of a District Purchase Order. You must include this form with your application.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:The current Business Manager (

Please note that if you download a solicitation, it will include all current amendments that may have been issued since the original bid was posted. You will not need to download the current amendments separately. However, you will not automatically receive any amendments issued subsequent to the date you download a solicitation. The recipient of any downloaded solicitation documents from this website takes full responsibility for checking on any subsequent amendments. Please read the Disclaimer below for more information.
The recipient of any downloaded documents from this website takes full responsibility for checking on any subsequent amendments. It is the recipient's responsibility to check this website for any additional documentation which may be issued relative to a particular document. All amendments will be clearly identified on the website, including the date of issuance. Whiteriver Unified School District takes no responsibility for informing recipients of changes to original documents.

Any unidentified modifications to the original document issued by the Whiteriver Unified School District shall be null and void. In those instances where modifications are unidentified, the original document issued by Whiteriver Unified School District shall take precedence. The recipient of any downloaded documents is responsible for clearly identifying any and all changes or modifications to a document upon submission to Whiteriver Unified School District.
 Solicitation #  Due Date  Title  Bid Coordinator  Solicitation Document
RFQ 24-001 March 6, 2024 Bathroom / Locker Renovation John Sempert

RFQ 24-001

CM Contract

Addenda 1

23-18-29 July 12, 2023 Propane Delivered Sandie Sedillo OpenGov_231829
23-17-29 June 26, 2023 Trash Removal Services Sandie Sedillo OpenGov_231729
 RFQ 21-002 March 14, 2022  Canyon Day Teacher Housing  John Sempert Whiteriver CM at Risk RFQ  21-002
CM Contract
RFQ 21-001 November 29, 2021 Architectural Services John Sempert

RFQ 21-001

RFQ 21-001 Addendum 1

RFQ 21-001 Addendum 2

Architext & Owner Agreement

RFP 20-16-25 October 8, 2020 SPED Services Sandie Sedillo

RFP 20-16-25

Amendment 1

IFB # 20-15-25 June 24, 2020 Bulk Fuel Delivered Sandie Sedillo

IFB 20-15-25

Amendment 1

Amendment 2

RFQ # 19-002 February 5, 2020 Architectural Services John Sempert

RFQ 19-002

Architect & Owner Agreement

RFP 20-01-25


November 26, 2019


ERate Communications FY2025



Pierre Dehombreux

RFP 20-01-25 ERate Communications FY2025.pdf

Amendment 1

Amendment 2

RFQ # 19-001 September 25, 2019 CM at Risk John Sempert

Whiteriver CM at Risk RFQ 19-001

CM Contract

Contract and general conditions

RFQ 19-001 Addendum 1

19-14-24 July 17, 2019 Mobile Student Dental Servies Sandie Sedillo

RFP 19-14-24

Amendment 1

Amendment 2

 19-12-24 May 1, 2019 Child Nutrition Prg.  Sandie Sedillo

RFP 19-12-24


 18-10-23 August 16, 2018 Waste Removal Services  Sandie Sedillo IFB 18-10-23
 18-11-23 August 17, 2018 Bulk Propane Delivered   Sandie Sedillo IFB 18-11-23
 17-09-22 November 29, 2017 Audit Services  Sandie Sedillo 17-09-22
 16-08-21 October 5, 2016 Fire Alarms, PA and Door Access  Sandie Sedillo 16-08-21
Amendment #1
 16-07-16 August 10, 2016 Cradleboard Re-Roofing Project  Sandie Sedillo 16-07-16
Detailed SOW
CAD Drawings
Cradleboard Photo Album
Amendment #1 
Amendment #2
Amendment #3
Amendment #4
 15-06-20 August 26, 2015 Bulk Fuel Delivered: Unleaded, Clear
and Red Dye
 Sandie Sedillo  15-06-20 
 15-001 June 25, 2015 Architectural Services   John Sempert RFQ 15-001
 Architect & Owner Agreement
 15-05-20 April, 15, 2015 RFP 15-05-20 Employee Benefits  Sandie Sedillo 15-05-20
 15-04-20 March, 6 2015 RFP 15-04-20 Cellular Services   Pierre Dehombreux 10-04-20
 15-03-20 March 2, 2015 RFP 15-03-20 SIP Trunks  Pierre Dehombreux 15-03-20
 15-02-20 March 2, 2015 RFP 15-02-20 Internet Connection  Pierre Dehombreux 15-02-20
 15-01-20 March 2, 2015 RFP 15-01-20 Internal Connections  Pierre Dehombreux Inventory Sheet
RFP 15-01-20 Amend #1
RFP 15-01-20 Amend #2
RFP 15-01-20 Amend #3
 14-03-19 March 31, 2014 Child Nutrition Programs Sandie Sedillo 14-03-19
 12-05-17 August 14, 12 Financial Auditing Services  Sandie Sedillo 12-05-17

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